Jobs & Internships

Center Activities is non-discriminitory in employment and is an equal opportunity service provider. Applicants MUST complete Employment Application.
Equipment Technician - Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center and Center Activities
Wage: $11 - $13.50 /hour. This is a 8-20 hours a week (may include evenings and weekends) non-benefitted position.
Position Summary: The Equipment Technician assists the Aquatics Coordinator with maintenance and repair of equipment such as sea kayaks, stand up paddle boards, canoes, sail boats, rafts, wet suits, PFDs, trailers, small machinery, tools and more as well as the facility itself at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center. This position works closely with the Aquatics Coordinator as well as the Operations Supervisor to keep equipment safe and in working. Please click here for more information.
Rock Wall Attendants Student Recreation Center (HSU Campus, Arcata)
Wage: $10.50/hour. This is a 8-20 hours a week, non-benefitted position.
Position Summary: Rock Wall Attendant responsibilities include overseeing and assisting rock wall users in order to maintain participant and facility safety. Rock wall staff work under the supervision of the rock wall coordinator and the Student Recreation Center supervisors. Please click here for more information and download an SRC application packet here.
Reception Staff Student Recreation Center (HSU Campus, Arcata)
Wage: $10.50/hour. This is a 8-20 hours a week, non-benefitted position.
Position Summary: Reception staff responsibilities include overseeing all transactions involving membership pass registration, membership pass sales, daily check-in of members, facility rentals and equipment rentals, maintaining a clean workspace and a clean facility. Additional services may include referrals and dispersal of information regarding both on and off campus events and facilities.  Please click here for more information and download an SRC application packet here
Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center Operations Supervisor
This is a full time position with benefits.  Please see the Universtiy Center job page for more information
Position Summary:
Under general supervision of the Center Activities Manager, the HBAC Operations Supervisor oversees the daily operation of the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center. Responsibilities include facility rental and maintenance; event coordination; staff scheduling and supervision; office operations; and aquatic equipment rental program oversight.
Facilities Assistant - Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center
Wage: $10.50 - $11.50 /hour. This is a 10-20 hours a week, non-benefitted position.
Position Summary: The Facilities Assistant helps with the daily operations of general office procedures, customer service, facility rentals, event support, waterfront aquatic rentals, and outdoor recreation programming taking place at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center (HBAC) under the supervision of the HBAC administrative staff. Schedule is flexible: Mon - Sun, 7am - 11pm. Position is part-time at 10 -20 hours per week. Please download the packet here for more information. 
Aquatic/Outdoor Instructor - Center Activities & Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center
Wage: $10 - $15 /hour depending on experience. Hours will vary.
Position Summary: Center Activities and the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center are hiring experienced Outdoor and Aquatic Guides! We are in need of experienced instructors in each activity we run programs, including but not limited to: Surfing, Sailing, Sea Kayaking, Canoeing, Climbing, Rafting, Whitewater Kayaking, Backpacking, Stand Up Paddle Boarding, and Outrigger Canoeing. Applicants must be proficient in all aspects of the activity they are applying to instruct. Some professional experience is required. Once hired you have the opportunity to be trained in other activities we offer. Everyone is welcome to apply.  Aplications are accepted year round, and hiring is done on an as needed basis. A large hiring will take place in January/February. Please download the packet here for information
Outdoor Assistantship Program  - Center Activities/ Humboldt State University Recreation Department
Position Summary:The Outdoor Assistantship is a training program and a HSU class that helps students gain more experience as outdoor leaders, be role models to peers, learn about outdoor professional standards and assist on Center Activities trips and class trips. Students are invited to apply for paid guide positions with Center Activities once they have gained enough experience. Click here for more information.
Group Fitness Instructors - Student Recreation Center (HSU Campus, Arcata)
Wage: $15 /hour starting. Flexible work schedule. May include nights and weekends. Position open until filled.      
Position Summary: Group Fitness Instructors are responsible for motivating, instructing and leading individuals in routine or specialized exercise programs, while monitoring and educating patrons on fitness and safety, and maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for class participants. More information.          
Leisure Instructors - Center Activities
Center Activities is always looking for Leisure Instructors! Are you an expert at something? Do you offer training in a new skill? Are you looking to expand your business to offer classes in your field? Please review the Leisure Program's Proposal Information and Application Packet for more information. Contact Susan Hamblen at 826-4195 or



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