Jobs & Internships

Center Activities is nondiscrminitory in employment and is an equal opportunity service provider. Applicants MUST complete Employment Application.
COMMUNITY OUTREACH ASSISTANT - Center Activities & Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center
Wages: $10/hr. 10-20 hours/week. Flexible work schedule.
Poistion Summary: The Community Outreach Assistant helps Center Activities maintain a strong visual presence within the HSU campus and surrounding community. This is primarily achieved through the distribution of promotional materials and participation in a wide array of campus/community special events. As an important representative of the organization, it is the responsibility of the assistant to develop a thorough knowledge base of all Center Activities programming including courses and events hosted by affiliated facilities (the HSU Recreation and Wellness Center, Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center, and the Student Recreation Center).
More information | To apply email resume and HSU application to

LEISURE PROGRAM ASSISTANT - Center Activities (HSU Campus, Arcata)
Wage: 10.50/ Hr
Position Summary: The Leisure & Recreation Program Assistant coordinates the daily operations of the Center Activities Leisure Program and seeks out campus recreation programming for the Recreation & Wellness Center under the guidance of the Program Supervisor. Application deadline is February 8th. More Information

YOUTH AQUATICS CAMP COUNSLER - Center Activities & Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center
Wage: Pay scale depends on previous experience, certifications/degrees, time commitment and years working with Center Activities. Generally, summer camp staff start at $10.50 per hour.
Position Summary: Individuals who are part of the youth aquatic and adventure camp are responsible for instructing and leading outdoor aquatic activities for youth between the ages of ten and seventeen, while promoting water and boating safety. The staff facilitate team-building activities that help develop self-confidence, self-esteem, and individual skills development among camp participants. These individuals also provide consistent leadership including counseling, advising, and supervising camp participants. Staff will be responsible for ensuring the health and safety of all the camp participants and facilitating groups and individuals in a manner that is consistent with Center Activities’ overall philosophy. We value teamwork, safety/risk management consciousness and hardworking individuals who have a fun attitude/approach toward working with youth. To Apply fill out the application packet.

FACILITIES ASSISTANT - Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center (Eureka)
Wage: $9.00 - $11.50 / Hour. Flexible (Mon – Sun, shifts between 7am-11pm)
Position Summary: The Facilities Assistant helps with the daily operations of facility rentals, waterfront aquatic rentals, and programming taking place at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center (HBAC) under the supervision of the HBAC administrative staff. More information.   

AQUATIC/OUTDOOR INSTRUCTOR - Center Activities & Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center
Wage: $10-$15/hour depending on experience. Hours will vary.
Position Summary: Center Activities and the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center are now hiring experienced Outdoor and Aquatic Guides! We are in need of experienced Rock Climbing, Surfing, Stand Up Paddling and Whitewater Kayaking Instructors. Applicants must be proficient in all aspects of the activity they are applying to instruct. Some professional experience is required. Once hired you have the opportunity to be trained in other activities we offer. Everyone is welcome to apply.
Student Application Packet | Non-Student Application Packet 

If you do not feel like you have enough guiding experience we encourage you to apply for the Assistant Instructor Position through the Recreation Administration Department(all majors welcome). Contact Genevieve Marchand at for more information and to find out when to apply. 

GROUP FITNESS INSTRUCTORS - Student Recreation Center (HSU Campus, Arcata)
Position open until filled.
$15/hour starting. Flexible work schedule. May include nights and weekends.         
Position Summary: Group Fitness Instructors are responsible for motivating, instructing and leading individuals in routine or specialized exercise programs, while monitoring and educating patrons on fitness and safety, and maintaining a safe and enjoyable atmosphere for class participants. More information.          

Center Activities is always looking for Leisure Instructors! Are you an expert at something? Do you offer training in a new skill? Are you looking to expand your business to offer classes in your field? Please review the Leisure Program's Proposal Information and Application Packet for more information. Contact Bre Clark at 826-6013 or                                   



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