Outdoor Skills

Would you like to learn a new skill? Or develop an existing skill? These FREE seminars just may be for you. We have everything from, surfing to get you knowledgeable and comfortable enough to get out and catch that perfect wave, map navigation so you can move around safely in the wilderness, to knot tying so you can learn the basics, tie two ropes together, learn the knots to build a tarp shelter or even strap something down to the roof of your car. Come and gain the knowledge and comfort to explore and adventure in the amazing outdoor spaces that surround you.

This seminar is designed to help you get out into the back country on your own. Our experienced... read more!

October 2

Have you ever wondered, how you could transform your itch for adventure, into a life-long career... read more!

October 9


Prepare to scale to new heights with the Climbing Safety Seminar! Here participants will learn the...
September 25
Play in the heart of Humboldt by navigating a single or double sit-on-top inflatable river kayak....
September 29
Ever experience a coastal campout right in between the forest and the ocean? Here’s your chance! On...
September 29 - 30
This on-land sailing session is held at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center and is the perfect...
September 30