Outdoor Skills

Are you excited to pick up some new tips and tricks, or just excited to learn an outdoor skill? Then you came to the right place!

Come on into our office and meet our friendly and knowledgeable staff! We have the skills and knowledge you seek, whether its hiking pro-tips, local locations and what to expect, how to tie knots, or even just some weather wisdom! Come meet with our Center Activity staff today!

Do you have a whole group of people who want to learn some cool new skills? Invite us over, we would love to pass on the wisdom of the wild with you!

Pro Tips

Weather & Tides: Before you go out on your adventures, its always a good idea to check the weather and tides for the location you plan to visit. Knowing ahead of time what the conditions are, can help you find the best time, and day to go have fun! Some of our favorite sources to check are Weather Underground, Magic Seaweed, and the fire map below!


Introduction to Guiding
Are you feeling inspired, to become the next big adventure guide? Then take a look at our 3 day Intro to Guiding course! Are you ready to take the challenge?

Need more convincing? Come to our 1 hour seminar titled "How do I Become a Guide," and learn about all the tools and pathways to enter the field!

Outdoor Assistantship Program

Want to take the academic journey to guiding? The Recreation Administration major has designed and created this program that allows students to gain guiding experience and training, while receiving academic credit. Check out the program's webpage here! 



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