Backpacking & Hiking

Never been in the Arcata Community Forest before? Want to get to know the trails around the area better? Need some awesome backpacking spots? If so, our hiking and backpacking trips are for you. Find out about the amazing forest in Humboldt State’s backyard, discover the wonders of Prairie Creek State park, or go on one of our backpacking trips and discover amazing places to go backpacking. By utilizing short to mid-distance routes in beautiful and unique locations, everyone has an opportunity for an amazing experience.

*Don’t forget to check out our FREE Backpacking Seminars offered each semester! Our outdoor staff cover the basics of equipment, clothing, food packs, and Leave No Trace principles. Everyone is invited to come and meet other hikers who are looking for local backpacking adventures.



Join us for an easy to moderate day hike through the unique ecosystem of the Redwood Forest and... read more!
March 31

Looking for a bit of a challenge, but aren’t ready to traverse steep mountains? This... read more!

April 13 - 15
Experience one of California’s oldest designated wilderness areas, while exploring scenic vistas,... read more!
April 27 - 29


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March 17
Transform and enhance your body and mood! SharQuí is A blend of authentic belly dancing technique...
March 19 - April 18
This class is designed to build warmth, mobilize joints, get energy flowing through stretching and...
Option 2: March 19 - April 18
A circuit program that incorporates equipment such as sleds, prowlers and tires to encourage a high...
Option 2: March 20 - April 19