The sailing classes are designed to help participants become familiar with rigging various types of boats and become comfortable with harnessing the wind. Participants learn about the anatomy of the boats, sailing theory, navigation and boat maneuvering, knots and rigging, launching and capsize recovery. Courses levels are offered from beginners to advanced utilizing small user friendly Picos, advancing to the Olympic class Lasers and up to the 15-foot Coronado sailboat.

Receive a $20 Discount on Intermediate Sailing if you sign up for the Introduction to Sailing or Sailing Refresher!

Private Sailing Instruction

By Appointment Only
Sailing is one of the more complex skills to develop and private instruction is a great way to learn, starting from the skill level you are at.

Rig & Rent

By Appointment only
Have you ever dreamed about renting one of our many small sailing crafts to sail at one of our amazing local destinations? Well now is your chance. The Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center is now offering an on-land

Introduction to Sailing

July 9-10

Join Center Activities for two full exhilarating days at Big Lagoon and learn to harness the wind on two of the world’s most popular and versatile sail boats. We will utilize the olympic class lasers as well as the

All About Sailing – On Water

June 25
Experience sailing with a personalized sailing instructor, and learn how to sail and get comfortable with sailing lingo, wind orientation, water safety, rigging, boating basics and derigging. Enjoy the wind beneath

All About Sailing – On Land

June 15
This free two-hour on-land session will focus on the anatomy of boats, navigation, knots and everything else you need to know before you get your toes wet. This is a great way to feel more comfortable and confident about the sport before your first sailing lesson.

Advanced Sailing

May 7

This course introduces students to sailing on the bay, as well as how to dock safely, navigate around mudflats, boat traffic, bridges and general rules of the road.

Sailing Basics - On the Water

April 2
Experience sailing with a personalized sailing instructor and learn how to sail and get comfortable with sailing lingo, wind orientation, water  safety, rigging, boating basics, and derigging.

Sailing Refresher & Play Day (No Longer Available: Low Enrollment)

April 23

This class is designed for those who have sailed before but haven’t been out in a while. This one day course will review rigging, sailing theory, boat maneuvers, and give you the chance to practice your skills on Big Lagoon. Sailboats will be Lazers and Picos.

Intermediate Sailing

April 30 - May 1

This class is designed to get you back on the water and take the skills learned in Introduction to Sailing a step further. The Coronado, a 15-foot sailboat, will be utilized to become more proficient in your sailing techniques and learn the lines of a larger sea craft.



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