Sea Kayaking

The North Coast has some of the most scenic and prestine coastline available for sea kayaking. Let us outfit you with a boat, and a life jacket and lead you on your next aquatic adventure!

Introduction to Sea Kayaking

May 1
Did you ever want to explore Humboldt Bay from a kayak? Our  experienced instructors can give you the skills and confidence to be able to discover this wildlife hot spot with a group or on your own.

Private Sea Kayak Instruction

By Appointment Only
Are you looking to develop your kayaking skills and want an experienced instructor who can meet you where you are at in your progression?

Beginning Sea Kayaking

July 30

The Aquatic Center’s professional team will cover basic equipment, boat handling, forward, reverse and turning paddle strokes, as well water safety considerations. Learn more about tides, currents and weather conditions that will assist you in becoming a competent and safe sea kayaker.

Sea Kayak Rescue & Safety

May 7

This courses focuses on rescue and safety skills that no paddler should be without. Our instructors cover assisted and unassisted rescues, wet exit, paddle float re-entry, rodeo re-entry, t-rescues, towing, tides and weather conditions.

Sea Kayaking Basics - On Land!

March 23
This 2-hour on-land session will be held at the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center and focus on the anatomy of boats, proper outfitting and gear, and everything else you need to know before you get your toes wet.

Traverse the Bay -Cancelled (Weather)

March 5

After traveling the 101 so many times, have you ever thought about touring Humboldt Bay on a kayak? Join us as we launch at the Manilla Boat Ramp and travel 4 hours with the tide toward our final destination of the Humboldt Bay Aquatic Center.

Women on the Water (No Longer Available: Low Enrollment)

April 16

We create a welcoming environment for women to come together to learn skills, gain confidence and allow fears to fall-away in a fun, safe and supportive all female environment.  This small group paddle will  prepare you for the wonderful world of kayaking and introduce you to the kayaking communi

Paddle Strokes Seminar (No Longer Available: Low Enrollment)

April 17

This class is for all levels of sea kayakers looking to improve their  paddling strokes for maximum boat handling ability. This one 

Introduction to Sea Kayaking - On Land

June 8

This two-hour on-land session will focus on the anatomy of boats, proper outfitting, gear and everything else you need to know before you get your toes wet. This is a great way to feel more comfortable and confident about the sport before your first kayaking lesson.

Southern Humboldt Wildlife Kayak Tour

April 2
Join us for amazing and unforgettable scenic paddle tour in the  southern end of Humboldt Bay which is part of the Humboldt Bay  Wildlife Refuge. This is an area rich in wildlife, including migratory  shorebirds, egrets, herons, raptors, harbor seals and more!


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This two-hour on-land session will focus on the anatomy of boats, proper outfitting, gear and...
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