Experience Kayaking in the North Coast with Center Activities! Whether it’s your first time out on the water or have previous experience Center Activities has something for you. Have your first kayaking experience out on Humboldt Bay or get some tips on how to improve your paddling technique from our instructors, no matter your level of experience Center Activities has a kayaking adventure for you.

From flatwater, to bay, to river… We offer classes that help build skills towards kayaking in different types of water. Starting out with our Introduction to Kayaking On Land which covers different types of boats, gear and waterways to actual on-water classes such as Beginning Kayaking or Paddle Strokes that will help you build skills for different bodies of water. Center Activities also rents sit-on-top kayaks, sea kayaks, and river kayaks, depending on where you want to paddle.*

*There may be certain restrictions on places where you may take the kayak rental.

Thinking about entering the world of Kayaking? This on-land kayaking class is a great start for... read more!
March 21

Welcome to the exciting world of kayaking. This class is designed for beginners to learn the... read more!

March 24

Expand and improve your kayaking skills with our intermediate course! Students will be... read more!

April 7

This course focuses on rescue and safety skills that no paddler should be without. Our... read more!

April 8
Play in the heart of Humboldt by navigating your own sit-on-top inflatable river kayak!... read more!
April 15
Looking to improve your kayaking skills? This course is designed for both sea and river kayakers... read more!
April 21
This course will initially concentrate on learning proper positioning, kayak bracing... read more!
April 22
This beginners class will gently open the door to the wonderful world of river kayaking.... read more!
April 22 (Mandatory Pool) • April 29 (River)


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