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photo: Jenny A. Cappuccio

Phone: (707) 826-3109
Office: Science A 550 C
Email: jenny.cappuccio@humboldt.edu
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Jenny A. Cappuccio, Assistant Professor

Biochemistry, Membrane and Surface Proteins, Nanobiology

Academic Background
Summary of Research

I am interested in how membrane and surface proteins interface on the nano-scale. The overarching theme of my research is the interactions of these interface proteins, with their environments. The research encompasses the biochemical and biotechnology aspects of these two classes of proteins, focusing on understanding the interactions with light, DNA, lipids and metals. Project 1 investigates DNA binding and the effect of lipid composition on a novel photo-active membrane protein, Anabaena Sensory Rhodopsin (ASR), proposed to directly regulate transcription. We are utilizing self-assembling nanolipoprotein discs as a platform, to control the lipid environment and solubilize the ASR protein. Project 2 investigates the charge and metal binding affinity of native and modified microbial surface-layer proteins (S-layers) for use in the bioremediation of heavy metals.

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