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A happy child at the HSU Children's CenterThe HSU Children's Center provides affordable high quality child care and early education programs in support of HSU students, staff & faculty families.


Our Location

We have two locations - on campus our Center is located  at 14th and A Streets, our second center is at 1695 10th Street, or 10th and Q. 

  • Infant Room:  3 -12 months
  • Younger Toddlers: 12 to 24 months
  • Older Toddlers: 24 through 36 months
  • Discovery: 2 1/2 through 3 years
  • Preschool: 3 through 5 years

The 10th Street Center is contained in one building with two classrooms:

  • Toddler Class: 18-3 years
  • Preschool Class: 3 through 5 years 


Center Hours

Hours are 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. On campus Aftercare is available from 5:30-6:30PM on campus during the academic year.  The Children's Center is open most of the year, please review our calendar for the times we are closed.  Children's schedules are created based upon the individual needs of each family with full and part-time schedules available. Requested schedules may be modified to meet the needs of other student families and the requirments of our funders.



Staff with a happy childOur Children's Center is a department within Enrollment Management and Student Affairs. We have a Center Director who oversees the entire program, and an Assistant Director who is responsible for staffing and the implementation of the classroom program. Credentialed Teachers coordinate the children's programs in each classroom. Staff work as a team.  There are Supervising Teachers in each center who oversee health & safety issues as well as support each classroom teacher. All teachers hold Bachelor's degrees and have extensive course work and experience in early childhood education. Employed university students provide additional classroom assistance. Many of our student assistants are Child Development majors, and many have Child Development permits qualifying them to work as teachers.  We also provide extensive training and supervision for all student staff.


Enrollment and Fees

For student families, child enrollment is based upon family income. Our sliding fee scale is based on family size and gross monthly income. Fee subsidy is provided by a Department of Education grants and Federal grants. Student families not elgible for grant funding pay a reduced fee for services.

For children in the infant room:
Student Staff/Faculty
• Half-day (less than 4 hours) $17.50/day $27.50/day
• Three Quarter-day (4-6.25 hours) $26.25/day $41.25/day
• Full-day (6.5 hours or more) $35.00/day $55.00/day

For children in the toddler and preschool rooms:
Student Staff/Faculty
• Half-day (less than 4 hours) $17.50/day $25.00/day
• Three Quarter-day (4-6.25 hours) $26.25/day $37.50.00/day
• Full-day (6.5 hours or more) $35.00/day $50.00/day


To Register Your Child

Fall semester registration is scheduled for the first week in August. Spring semester registration takes place during the first week in December. Summer registration begins April 1. Click here to add your child to the waiting list. For more information, please contact the center office (707) 826-3838.

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