Cultivate Successful Clubs

Become a club advisor and help to ensure that the organization continues to grow and become successful.

Why an Advisor?

All recognized clubs are required to have a university faculty or staff advisor. The club advisor should provide a cornerstone upon which the organization can build. The advisor’s organizational experience helps student leaders in building and running an effective club. Student leaders can use the club advisor as a sounding board for ideas, as a reference, as a friend and as a member of the organization whose primary goal is to see that it is successful. The most critical part of the advisors’ job will be to provide continuity year after year to the club. This can be fostered by helping to ensure successful club officer transitions.

Pursuant to University Management Letter No. 86-2, when a University employee volunteers as an advisor or sponsor for an extra-curricular activity, the employee shall be given an additional job classification of “volunteer employee” in accordance with FSR-85-63 and FSR-77-71. This “volunteer employee” classification will provide the advisor with workers’ compensation in the event the advisor is injured by an advising-related activity. It will also provide the advisor with State representation in the event the advisor is sued for injuries by an advisor’s allegedly negligent act, and indemnification in the event there is a judgment against the advisor. ALL ADVISORS MUST COMPLETE AND SIGN THEVOLUNTEER APPOINTMENT FORMAND SUBMIT IT TO THE CLUBS OFFICE.

Responsibilities of the Advisor:

  • The advisor shall provide reasonable and prudent supervision for club activities. To this end the advisor is encouraged to attend meetings, events, and other functions of the organization whenever possible.
  • Be familiar with the university policies and procedures relating to organizations.
  • Encourage organization members to assume responsibilities and leadership positions.
  • Periodically review and monitor the financial status of the organization in order to be assured of its solvency. The advisor should also monitor all expenditures (sign all Check Requests) of the organization, as well as encourage the maintenance of accurate financial records by organization members.
  • To help student leaders preserve organizational records which provide continuity (i.e., minutes of meetings, reports on activities/events, membership lists, current constitution.)
  • Report to the Clubs Coordinator any misconduct or violations of policies which may harm the organization or university.
  • Whenever the membership travels as a club the advisor shall ensure that the proper paperwork has been filed with the Clubs Office prior to the event (Release and Consent Agreement, Personal Vehicle Liability Release form, and Hold Harmless form for Air Travel).

Resignation or Absence of an Advisor:

A club advisor may resign at any time, but whenever possible the retiring advisor should give assistance to the student organization in locating a new advisor. Clubs are allowed a one semester “grace period” during which the Club Coordinator will serve as a temporary advisor. During this period clubs are advised to keep the Club Coordinator informed on all important matters and obtain approvals when necessary (check requests, etc.) until a permanent advisor can be found. If an advisor has taken a leave of absence or is on sabbatical, the club needs to find a temporary advisor for the period that the regular advisor is away. Whenever a transfer of student organizational records, charters, and properties cannot be delivered to a new advisor directly they may be left temporarily with the Club Coordinator.