Beta Sigma Epsilon

In January of 2000 the founders noticed there was a disproportionately high dropout rate among the Native American students. In there efforts to address the retention and enrollment rates among Native American students in higher education they created an organization. This organization is a collegiate fraternity, called Beta Sigma Epsilon (ΒΣΕ. ΒΣΕ is an organization that uses the existing “Greek Life” institution, found prevalently throughout American campuses, to address issues among Native American students in the campus setting. ΒΣΕ was created as one way to address Native American student issues in college. The vision for ΒΣΕ is to develop and support members through activities and through these activities, benefit and promote the advancement of Native people. For this, the mission of ΒΣΕ was created: The Fraternal Order of Beta Sigma Epsilon has been created to serve the Native American community through the multifaceted development of young men. Members will strive for excellence in brotherhood, academia, profession, community service, and cultural awareness, through the earnest study and practice of leadership, unity, prudence, determination, and truth. The Fraternal Order of Beta Sigma Epsilon will serve as a safe, supportive, transitional environment that will provide members with opportunities, resources, tools, and experiences necessary for success in collegiate life and beyond. Members will share their own unique experiences, perspectives, and ideas for the development and advancement of individual members, the fraternal order, academia, the professions, and the Native American community. Lance Britton (Wailaki), Brandon Price (Navajo), Jeff Hodge Jr. (Hupa), and Eric Zeldin founded us, the Delta Chapter at Humboldt State University, in the spring of 2007. Then in 2009 were officially recognized through the school and declared a part of the Greek system. Beta Sigma Epsilon is a young and still growing fraternity. It’s a great opportunity to be a part of something and say you had a hand in making this fraternity a strong and successful organization.

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- Must be a full time undergraduate HSU student – Must maintain a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher (on a 4.0 scale)

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- Fill out and return new membership application to BSE rush chair or any other member of BSE (ask for an application from any member) – Complete all rush events, attend all interviews, comply with all policies by the Chapter and any applicable University regulations

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