Common Adventures Club

The Common Adventures Club is designed to bring together ANYONE interested in group activities such as (but not limited to) hiking, backpacking, river rafting, kayaking, trips, BBQ's, bonfires, slacklining, climbing, ect... you get the picture. Club members will be the main force behind the planning and implementation of all trips and functions. Our different areas of interest create the opportunity to organize new experiences and share our personal knowledge with others.We live in a wonderful area, with many different possibilities for adventure.

About the Club

The Common Adventure Club is designed to have students come together and create and execute our own trips, activities, and events.
Explore, Learn, Grow!

Membership Qualifications

Any Humboldt State student with a passion for adventure!

How to Join

Like the facebook page ‘Common Adventures Club’ to get notifications, and send a message through the page with your email and phone number! Or just stop by Redwood Park on Fridays!! Everyone is welcome!

Meeting Information

Time: Most Fridays in REDWOOD PARK!!!!! Show up between 11am and 1pm
Location: REDWOOD PARK!!!!

Contact Info

Club Email:
Phone: 907-299-4877

Places to find us on the Web



No events are scheduled