Hermanas Unidas de Humboldt

♥ HaU Inc. Herstory ♥ In the Spring semester of 1994, five inspiring young women: Zuleyka Heredia, Ricki Robles, Amelia Schustz, Erica Solorzano and Bernadette Vargas came together to establish one of the first Chicana/Latina groups at the University of California, Berkeley. These five women recognized the limited amount of support and resources for Chicana/Latinas on the university campus and resolved to fill the void. These visionary women established the foundation of what has evolved into a recognized organization. Hermanas Unidas combines academics, community service and social activities to unite and support Chicana/Latinas in their quest for higher education, while emphasizing Hermandad. -----Purpose: To reach out to the Chicana/Latina community and provide resources as well as a family networking system through the avenues provided by the three pillars of Hermanas Unidas: ----Academic - Through the emphasis of academics not only do we empower our minds but our future as well. ----Community Service - In the struggle to empower ourselves we must also remember our communities and empower them as well. ------ Social - In stressing Hermandad, a family network is created to foster an environment of mutual respect and unity, while supporting individual interests and talents. ------1) To provide a place where women can come together and be themselves. We accept any and all ideologies. We are a sisterhood attempting to provide a healthy transition to and from the university. ------2) To raise awareness and educate the campus and the community at large about Chicana/Latina issues. --------- Logo: El Quinto Sol, or the fifth sun of the Aztec calendar, represents and signifies change. It exemplifies the search for unity, restoration and purification of personal balance. The symbol chosen to exemplify the spirit of Hermanas Unidas is El Quinto Blossom. It is representative of the group because of the constant change we face as students, as women, as Latinas, as daughters, as sisters, as an organization, but most of all, as individuals. It is the change that empowers us for growth on personal, educational and professional levels. - It Represents the story of a young woman, her face in profile, depicted by the leaf and stem of the logo. This woman is on the path to enlightenment through the pursuit of education, symbolized by the winding stem, which also represents the challenging, yet rewarding road towards personal growth. Her path leads to El Quinto Sol, the fruit of her sacrifice, the sum of her experiences, the rewards of the relationships she has built. This is the story of the Hermana that blossoms into a woman of truth, a stronger woman for having traveled that road. El Quinto Sol remains the focal point of our logo so that we may never forget where we came from and that we may keep clear where we are going together in Hermandad. ---------- Motto: "Poder de la Mujer" is what all Hermanas strive to embody, both as individual women and as an organization. The motto symbolizes the strength and will of each and every Hermana in their quest for higher education, the empowerment of their families and communities, as well as equality in education, the workplace and the rest of society. --------Colors: The official colors of Hermanas Unidas are Blue and Silver. ---------- HaU♥ Statewide Chapters: - Hermanas Unidas consists of a network of over 18 undergraduate chapters all over California an extensive Alumni Association Hermanas participating in HaU's greatest philanthropy, Relay For Life in Spring of 2013 at HSU

About the Club

—————♥ HaU de Humboldt State Herstory ♥

————-♥ Our Herstory ♥
In the fall of 2011, eight determined women set out in search of Hermandad. As part of an under-represented group at Humboldt State these ladies sought to bring together women of common interests in order to built familiar and strong connections. These women decided to establish something that wouldn’t judge or discriminate and sought to provide unity through empowerment. With these goals in mind these women founded a chapter of Hermanas Unidas that filled the void at the Humboldt State Campus. Through academics, community service, and collegial networking Hermanas Unidas hopes to unite and support hermanas along their pursuit of higher education.

——————♥ HaU de Humboldt State Founding Mothers:

- Elena Lopez, Wendy Gonzalez, Ericka Balderas, Juana Villegas-Villagomez, Caroline Zapata, Laura Irene Alvarez, Stephanie Escalante, Elsa Aguilarimage

Membership Qualifications

Anyone can qualify for membership, more details in “How to Join”

How to Join

Steps to becoming an Active Hermana:

-Attend 4 consecutive meetings, study halls, community service or social events
-pay semester dues (semester dues cover special events that only Active Hermanas can attend)

Meeting Information

Time: Sunday 4:30-6:30
Location: Seimans Hall 115

Contact Info

Club Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Places to find us on the Web

facebook: https://www.facebook.com/hermanas.unidasdehumboldt?fref=ts


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