The Humboldt Circus

We seek to spread circus and performing arts to all who wish to learn such skills - ideally, the world. The Humboldt Circus at Portland Juggling Festival

About the Club

The Humboldt Circus is an eclectic group of creative people looking to learn and share skills in the performance arts. Every semester, the circus puts on a full-length production with a more “adult” themed Halloween show in the Fall and an “all ages” show in the Spring. Humboldt Circus also performs for local organizations and other clubs on campus, when requested. Humboldt circus also makes trips to (relatively) local juggling festivals, such as Portland Juggling Festival, Damento Juggling Festival and, of course, the Humboldt Juggling Festival.
Looking for circus monkeys on campus? Just yell “Humboldt!” and if you hear someone respond “Circus!” then you know there are clowns around.

Membership Qualifications

The only qualification for membership is the desire and openness to have a lot of fun!!! Don’t be shy, come and learn the crazy ways of the circus!

How to Join

Come to club meetings or e-mail us!

Meeting Information

Time: Every Wednesday and Friday (Spring 2016) Wed 12-3, 5-7; Fri 5-8
Location: Wed 12-3 quad, west gym all other

Contact Info

Club Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Places to find us on the Web

“Humboldt Circus, Clowns, Freaks and Fans”


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