Math Club (The Natural Loggers)

Have an interesting math problem you are working on? Just enjoy solving problems? Our goal is to learn about interesting mathematics. Do you want to know how a drum resonates? How about how waves propagate in water? Yes, a physics problem, but it is all mathematics to us! You don't need to be a mathematician to come.

About the Club

Join Us for various Math Club events!

Membership Qualifications

Math club is open to all. The only prerequisite is a love and excitement for mathematics.

How to Join

Just come every Tuesday at 3:00 pm to BSS 308, or contacting the math club if you can’t make the meetings to stay updated with the events.

Meeting Information

Time: Tuesday 4pm
Location: BSS 302

Contact Info

Club Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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No events are scheduled