Natural Resources Club

The Natural Resources Club provides opportunities for students at HSU to be directly involved in community: volunteering as a "work force" for a variety of local government agencies and non-profit organizations. Coming to meetings allows you to be informed on the coming events, touch-base with fellow students, discuss ideas, and share experiences. Every Saturday there is an event that the club is involved with which could include but not be limited to stream bank stabilization, invasive plant removal, highway and coastal clean-ups, spawning ground replenishment, and trail-work. The Natural Resources Club serves as an example that people can make a positive change in the natural environment. The club also provides a voluntary member-run coffee cart in the Natural Resources Building. We provide coffee (LOCAL from SACRED GROUNDS!), tea, granola bars, dairy and non-dairy creamers, organic sugar, honey, and bagels (brought to you by Los Bagels) along with re-useable mugs! The cart's profits help the club attend natural resource conferences, help pay for food at some of our restoration events, and are used for other projects. SPRING Coffee Table Hours: Monday-Thursday 8:30am-12:00pm. Club Photo Coming Soon

About the Club

Did you ever wonder how the campus recycling program started?
Back in the 70’s, when the Natural Resources Club started, the campus recycling program was the first project initiated! What a success.

The club revised its name after a drop in membership in the 80’s, and called it the “Natural Resource Planning Club.” Community and student services became the focus. By the mid 90’s the club had joined the California Department of Fish and Game volunteer restoration program, opening up a range of opportunities.

Presently, the club collaborates with many other organizations, outdoor education and outreach programs within the community. The club continues to seek out new ways of being involved and volunteering for the surrounding community. Skills acquired through hands-on experience are beneficial, should students choose a major in any related field.

Every Saturday you have the opportunity for new experiences!

Make a positive difference in our world<3

Membership Qualifications

Any student can join! Send us an email, we’ll add you to our email list, and we’ll see you Saturday!


Officers for 2014-2015
President: Daniel Reyes Vice President: Tim Scully Events Coordinator: Michelle Santillan Coffee Table Coordinator and Treasurer: Kara Frampton <b> Photographer/Media Coordinator: Ivan Soto

How to Join

Becoming an active member requires participation with events.
Participating for the coffee cart is also an active means of membership.
Just come out and get dirty with us! </b>

Meet a few friendly faces, get some sunshine, get some food, and see what’s in store for the coming weekend!
Get added onto our mailing list by emailing us at .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Remember, restoration requires hard work and commitment!

Meeting Information

Time: Every Saturday
Location: NR 203 (Natural Resources Building, 2nd floor)

Contact Info

Club Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

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