Student California Teachers Association, SCTA

About the Club

Student California Teachers Association (SCTA) consists of college students pursuing careers as educators. SCTA provides opportunities to address the broader aspects of education such as technological advances, governmental policies and issues, social issues and philosophical controversies.
Local chapters provide support with job interviewing skills, resume writing, classroom management, multicultural education and other vital concerns. Chapters also serve as a forum for advising students about the education programs provided at their institutions while providing opportunities to network with professional educators.
Regional SCTA conferences focus on developing members’ communication skills and leadership skills. These events allow members to meet students from neighboring schools to exchange ides and concerns.
Student California Teachers Association is the largest student organization in California with members on more than 70 campuses. It is led by an elected executive board of student members who provide publications, services and representation within the CTA. SCTA provides MANY benefits to their members including liability insurance and discounts on school supplies, travel, food, etc…

We are a club that is open to all! We want students to come in with questions and ideas about how to make this club a success. We volunteer within our community with things such as charity drives and elementary school fundraisers and we want to do more! If you know of an event coming up that we could help with, come on in and let us know. We also love to team up with other HSU clubs on campus, so if you are part of another club, come in and tell us about it.
We are very focused on helping each other. We can answer questions about classes, the credential program, teachers, and anything else you may want to know. We want to make our time here at HSU a success so that when we go off to become teacher’s, we are prepared!

Membership Qualifications

Everyone is welcome! Whether you are single subject, multiple subject, special education, etc. SCTA will help you with your teaching career!

How to Join

Contact us by email if you want more information about the club/meetings and we will be more than happy to help.We meet every Tuesday from 6-7pm in room 117 in Siemens Hall. Stop in to see if this is a club that you would like to be involved in.

Meeting Information

Time: Monday 7pm-8pm
Location: Harry Griffith Hall Room 117

Contact Info

Club Email: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)

Places to find us on the Web

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