Clubs Handbook

Everything that you need to know to organize and run your club.

Student Organization Recognition Process

All clubs must go through a reactivation process each fall. Check in with the Clubs and Activities front desk for your reactivation packet

Steps to Becoming a University Recognized Club

The following checklist will help you through the recognition process. Please make sure ALL of these forms are completed before you turn in the packet:

  • Intent to Organize: this form should be completed by the club representative and signed by the advisor. This requires a list of 10 currently enrolled, fully matriculated Humboldt State University students, their signatures and HSU I.D. numbers.
  • Contact Card: be sure all spaces are filled out accurately. You must have a Humboldt State University faculty or staff member serve as an “advisor”. An “advisor” provides informal contact between student and the University, continuity from year to year, and can be an important resource. Note: Be sure the advisor signs the back of this form.
  • Club officers (president and treasurer): Club officers must meet club officer requirements, which will be verified by the Clubs Office. Presidents and treasurers must maintain a minimum GPA of a 2.0 and cannot exceed the unit cap of 136. If the president or treasurer wishes to contest this, please speak with the Clubs Coordinator for further details.
  • Club Constitution: Draw up a constitution for your organization according to the guidelines in the sample constitution included in the packet, submit completed electronic constitution to .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).
  • Submit packet: Submit all forms from the packet to the Clubs Office. At that time the Clubs Office will schedule a time for you to meet with the Clubs Coordinating Council (CCC). This council will review your proposal and notify you of your club’s status.

Be prepared to answer the following questions at the CCC Meeting (these should also be included in your constitution):

  • Tell us about your club?
  • How will your club select leadership positions (officers)?
  • Are there any qualifications for membership in your club? Who gets to vote?
  • How will your club connect with other clubs?
  • We encourage our clubs to be inclusive and representative of the diversity of the student body at HSU. How might your club accomplish this goal, and benefit the campus and local community?
  • Do you have any questions for us?

Club Approval

Once your club has been approved there are several requirements that have to be met to activate your club.

  1. Online Orientation: All Club Presidents, Treasures and Advisors are required to attend or schedule an orientation. If you are activated within September, 2 two (2) club officers/executive members will be required to attend a pre-scheduled in person orientation. For new clubs activated after September, they will work with the clubs coordinator to schedule an orientation
  2. Club Member Registration: All club members must register online in order to access resources, such as: travel funds, grants, supplies and tabling. You must have at least 5 total members registered to be recognized as a HSU Club or Organization. The link to the registration site is on the Clubs & Activities Homepage (
  3. Orientation Meeting: Once your club/organization has been approved, our staff will contact you to schedule an orientation meeting in the Clubs Office to review pertinent policies, procedures, club resources and answer any questions you may have.

NOTE: Greek organizations and Sports clubs have additional requirements. Please ask clubs coordinator for more information.

Changes or Updates to your Club & Organization Contact and Registration Form
If an organization wishes to change their name, advisor, or has minor updates to their constitution, simply come by the Clubs & Activities office and pick up a change form. If there is a major change to the organization’s mission statement or purpose, the organization will need to go through the proper approval process.

Club Responsibilities

  1. Appointment of a university faculty or staff advisor (see section on student organization advisors).
  2. Adherence to all university rules and regulations, including those pertaining to hazing, alcohol, publicity, posting, sale of food and merchandise, drawings, use of campus equipment and dances.
  3. Compliance with the club’s own constitution and by-laws; and, when applicable, constitutions and by-laws of affiliated national organizations.
  4. Avoidance of activities that pose undue risk to the safety of individuals or which create liability for the club and the University.
  5. Avoidance of any act of dishonesty, breach of law or University regulation, or any public or private act that brings discredit to the University.
  6. In order to maintain University recognition clubs must submit an updated Club Contact Card to the Clubs Office at the beginning of each academic year (these can be picked up from the front desk of the clubs and activities office). Return the card to the Clubs Office within 30 days of the start of the semester. Failure to submit this card will result in the club being declared inactive. Once declared inactive, the club must repeat the entire club recognition process to regain active status.
  7. 7. Academic Requirements for Student Officers: Students desiring to hold a leadership role for their club (President and Treasurer) must comply with the CSU minimum requirements for Minor Student Representative Student Officers. The requirements are:
    1. Students must be matriculated, enrolled at HSU and maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.0, (GPA of 3.0 for Post-baccalaureate student) be in good standing, and cannot be on any type of probation.
    2. Students holding office must be enrolled in at least 7 units (Graduate students 5 units).
  8. Undergraduates are allowed to earn a maximum of 136 semester units and hold office (Graduate/Credential 50 units).
  9. A club may be held accountable for the actions of its members if the behavior is or can reasonably be considered to be related to the activities of the club. (Specific acts of such misconduct are spelled out in Section 41301 of Title 5 of The California Code of Regulations excerpted in the back of the university catalog under the section entitled, “The Fine Print, Students Rights and Responsibilities.” Such misconduct need not be officially sanctioned by the club membership in order to be considered grounds for sanctions against the club. The individuals may be subject to separate criminal and/or university sanctions.
  10. Policy on Non-Student Club Members: Clubs established at Humboldt State University are supported through the Clubs Office with the intent of providing opportunities for students to have educational, cultural, recreational, and social experiences outside of the classroom. The Clubs Office recognizes that community members may enhance club activities and are welcome to be members of clubs. However, non-student club members are limited in the following ways:
    1. They may not hold an office position in the club.
    2. They may not be funded for club travel through the Club Coordinating Council.
    3. They cannot be the contact person for the club.
    4. A maximum of 20% of the members of a student organization may be individuals who are not currently enrolled HSU students.
    5. They cannot order equipment, reserve rooms, or reserve vehicles through plant operations.
    6. They cannot vote on club-related business.
    7. Additional requirements for Sports and Recreational clubs. Please speak with the clubs and activities coordinator for additional information.

In the event that you would like to file an appeal, make an appointment with the Clubs Coordinator by calling the Clubs & Activities office (707-826-3776) or emailing .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address).

Club Privileges

Recognition as a University Club is a privilege, not a right. This privilege carries with it certain responsibilities. Club members are obligated to conduct themselves in a manner that is a credit to themselves, their fellow club members, advisors and the University. Failure to uphold these responsibilities may result in the temporary or permanent loss of recognition and accompanying privileges. Lesser sanctions, such as community service and reimbursement for damages, may also be imposed.

Once your club is recognized it may enjoy a variety of privileges. These include:

  1. The use of Humboldt State University’s name in association with your club.
  2. The ability to conduct fundraising activities on campus.
  3. The use of campus facilities and club equipment.
  4. The right to participate in various campus activities (i.e. Clubs & Activities Fairs, Athletic Events, Homecoming, the Preview Fair and much more).
  5. Rent equipment and supplies for free from the Clubs and Activities office.