Front Desk Staff

Duties include greeting club members, staff and faculty and community members, scheduling appointments, processing travel and event funding applications. Checking out equipment and providing information regarding University policies and procedures related to club activities at HSU. In addition, multitasking office duties and managing multiline phone system.
Skills: ability to work independently, learn new information quickly, and follow complex directions. Front desk staff should also be familiar with office protocol including confidentiality, punctuality, professionalism, and computer skills, as well as, have the ability to prioritize and follow through on tasks.
Hiring in typically done at the beginning of fall semester, the application requirements include: documentation of work-study allocation (if applicable), complete application, 3 references, and a letter of interest.

Club Officers

Students who wish to hold a leadership role for their club (President and Treasurer) must comply with the CSU minimum requirements for Minor Student Representative Student Officers. The requirements are:

  1. Students must be matriculated, enrolled at HSU and maintain a minimum overall GPA of 2.0, (GPA of 3.0 for Post-baccalaureate student) be in good standing, and cannot be on any type of probations.
  2. Students holding office must be enrolled in at least 7 units (Graduate students 5 units).
  3. Undergraduates are allowed to earn a maximum of 136 semester units and hold office (Graduate/Credential 50 units).

The Clubs Office will review your records to determine eligibility.

Club Presidents

Complete reactivation process for club each fall, schedule regular meetings and review constitution with new members, establish goals and contact advisor regularly. Complete online orientation. Adhere to all university rules and regulations. Support and promote leadership within your club or organization. Help transition new officers. Prepare agendas, run meetings, practice open communication. Coordinate election of new officers.

Skills: communication, integrity, conflict management, time management, professionalism, and team building.

Club Treasurers

Complete online orientation, submit completed signature card to the Associated Students to activate club account. Submit all documentation for reimbursements and payment of expenses. Track all revenues and expenditures. Help with fundraising activities and the processing of event and travel grants. Keep list of all members with contact information. Relay policies regarding funding.

Skills: communication, integrity, time management, accounting, and professionalism.

Greek Life Coordinator

Will work closely with the Clubs and Activities Coordinator to provide support and guidance to the HSU Greek Community. Responsible for the oversight of the Unified Greek Council and Standards Board, assist in the Membership/Recruitment process, provide support and guidance to those interested in seeking membership, work with Clubs Coordinator to update current bylaws, constitution, and due process for the Standards Board, strategize and implement goals pertaining to development, programming, marketing and assessment for Greeks on campus. In addition, he/she will advise student leaders on the development and implementation of programs, applicable policies and procedures, risk management, leadership development, funding sources, and organization management.

Skills: communication, integrity, time management, professionalism, team building, dependable and cooperative.