Background: Piano Quintet Rehearsal




Daily Life

This is a playing/reading workshop. There are no master classes. Everyone participates in the program each day.

* There are daily assignments for groups of 3 to 10 players, with a different group of players and different instrumentation each day (e.g., a week for string players might be as follows - string trio, strings with winds, strings with piano, string quartet, string sextet)

* Each group is given 2 to 5 pieces of music to fit their instrumentation. One piece is recommended as selection for presentation at afternoon/evening concert

* Each group plays through all music, then selects one movement (cut to approximately 5 minutes) to play for afternoon/evening program

* Coach assigned (each coach covers 3 groups)

* Rehearsals are from 9:00 to 3:30, with a mid-morning break and break for lunch.

* Program each afternoon from 4:00 to dinner and after dinner to done (about 8:00). Hear parts of twenty or so different pieces.

* Freelancing - noon, during dinner break and after evening concert - get together a group and play what you want to play - music available from library (over 10,000 titles). No music may be kept out overnight.

* Evenings in dorm lounge - 9:30 to ? Bring something to drink and talk with and get to know the others

* Wednesdays are a shortened day and allow some rest and a greater oportunity for other recreation and dining

* Fridays are the last day of the workshop. After the last program, there is a small party in the dorm lounge arranged by and paid for by the attendees. Spouses often join in for this final event.


* 2017 Dates:

Week One: June 25 - June 30
Week Two: July 2 - 7
Week Three: July 9 - 14