Background: 1994 group photo


The workshop has been dedicated to the promotion of chamber music. From its beginning, the staff has endeavored to create an atmosphere where each participant would get together with as many different combinations as time would permit. Further, to enjoy the vast amount of music that is available, participants have been encouraged to get acquainted with and perform the music of all periods and all composers.

If one is to be a true chamber music lover, one would be interested in listening to others perform. The workshop has afforded the players such an opportunity through its daily programs -- when the participants play for each other. Hearing each other play not only increases one's awareness of the literature but helps to satisfy a need felt by the performer. This need has certainly been recognized by the staff. The individual wants to be heard -- regardless of frequent and often strong nervous tension.

If one is to promote chamber music, the beginning and intermediate performer must be encouraged as well as the more advanced participant. The workshop purposely accepts players of various degrees of advancement. It is not the intent to have only the most advanced players participate.

Finally, one of the true rewards of chamber music participation is the creation of friendships and the development of a person's appreciation and understanding of others. Even though this particular means of musical expression is a personal thing, it is yet something that must be shared with others. It is this sharing -- the human element -- that gives much purpose to the activity.

Floyd Glende, 1966