2:1 Study Zone “Team CNRS”

College of Natural Resources and Sciences majors study time should be at least two hours for every hour of class time. Students should be committed to studying, and to using all campus resources available. There are many great campus resources available to help students develop study skills.
Learning Center
At the HSU Learning Center, students can get assistance with difficult courses, study skills, standardized test preparation, reading, math, and writing skills. Students can study with a tutor, meet with a lab assistant, and use interactive software programs to strengthen academic and learning skills. Visit the HSU Learning Center to learn more about the services available.
Advising Center
The Advising Center goal is to help students explore Humboldt's great academic programs, offer advice on general education and all-university requirements, and to assist in building academic plans and semester schedules. Drop by the Advising Center during walk-in advising hours, Monday - Friday, 10:00am - 3:00pm or visit Advising Center for more information.