Biological Sciences

Graduate students in the Master of Science program in Biology at Humboldt State can choose to pursue investigations or projects with an emphasis in the laboratory, forests, marine habitats, or a variety of other settings. Because of our unique location, students can study living processes at all levels, from cellular-molecular to ecosystems.

The department has facilities and faculty expertise that allow Master’s students to complete their programs in almost any area of biology. Laboratories on the main campus are equipped for biotechnology, scanning and transmission electron microscopy, mammalogy, genetic analysis (including DNA sequencing), and computer modeling. Field opportunities include the marine laboratory 14 miles from the main campus, a university forest, and a 90-ft ocean going research vessel, RV Coral Sea.

The Biological Sciences includes the following research areas: Botany, Cellular and Molecular Biology, Ecology and Biodiversity, Marine Biology, Microbiology, Zoology. You can find additional information at