Environmental Systems

The graduate program in Environmental Systems at Humboldt State University is unique in combining studies in Environmental Resources Engineering, Geology and Energy Technology and Policy within a single graduate program. Graduate studies in environmental systems are devoted to providing a solid scientific foundation for the study of environmental problems or the management of the environment. The Environmental Systems options can be explored further by going to the web sites listed under each description:

Energy Technology and Policy

Energy is a central element in some of the most important and most divisive processes of our times. It is the fuel that powers the world economy and – not coincidentally – this same energy use is the central cause of global climate change. In the Energy Technology and Policy (ETaP) Graduate Program at Humboldt State University, we seek students who are interested not only to understand these multifaceted problems, but also to engage in work aimed at helping to solve them. You can find additional information at humboldt.edu/engineering/graduate/etap .

Environmental Resources Engineering

The Environmental Resources Engineering (ERE) option of the Environmental Systems Graduate Program emphasizes the application of engineering skills to planning, design, and management problems involving environmental resources. Three general areas of research activity are available in the program, Water Quality, Water Resources and Renewable Energy Resources. You can find additional information at humboldt.edu/engineering/graduate.


We are a small graduate program that matriculates about 3-6 new graduate students each year. We emphasize basic research and your graduate experience will revolve around your thesis research done with a mentor. The program consists of a set of required courses as well as completion of the Masters thesis. You can find additional information at humboldt.edu/ geology/graduate_program.