A unique combination of innovative professors, inspired students, and generous donors create a melting pot of creativity and ingenuity at Humboldt State University. Below is a list of organizations within the College of Natural Resources and Sciences that provide unique learning experiences to our students.

California Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit The Co-op Unit is a cooperative venture between Humboldt State University, California Department of Fish and Game, and the United States Department of the Interior. Research and graduate education is the main focus of the unit. Research has historically addressed ecology of anadromous fish, threatened/endangered species, association of fishes and habitat, and ecosystems processes.
Campus Center For Appropriate Technology CCAT is a live-in demonstration home and educational center for appropriate technology and resource conservation on the HSU campus. CCAT offers tours, workshops, and opportunities for hands-on involvement to university students and the general public. CCAT works with fifteen HSU classes a year to incorporate new appropriate technologies into this living laboratory in sustainability. The work done by CCAT has resulted in the following achievements: CCAT uses a fraction of the energy consumed by the average U.S. house, produces almost zero waste, and serves as a national model for appropriate technology.
Northcoast Mathematics and Science Initiative The primary mission of Northcoast Mathematics and Science Initiative (NMSI) is to enhance the mathematics and science teaching professions through recruitment and training of individuals with strong mathematics and science backgrounds and enthusiastic dispositions entering the teaching profession. Related activities also include professional development opportunities for practicing teachers.
Redwood Science Project The Redwood Science Project develops and manages numerous initiatives to support educators from preservice teachers through veteran teachers both in schools and informal settings. The RSP offers high quality professional development workshops and institutes, coaching and mentoring, leadership development, and other career advancement opportunities.
Office of Sustainability At Humboldt State, sustainability is widely reflecting in our vision and values. Conserving resources, championing social responsibility, as well as reducing our overall carbon footprint, are goals of numerous initiatives and policies. As is the case with many green endeavors at Humboldt State, students are deeply involved in creating a campus that operates with sustainability in mind.