• Study Groups

    Studying in groups offers students an excellent opportunity to exchange ideas and to gain new perspectives on the course material.

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  • Time Management

    Many students find that one of the greatest challenges to succeeding in the classroom is managing their time effectively.

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  • 2:1 Study Zone “Team CNRS”

    College of Natural Resources and Sciences majors study time should be at least two hours for every hour of class time.

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Students – Congratulations on choosing a major in the College of Natural Resources & Sciences. You are training to become professionals in the sciences, mathematics, computer science and engineering. We want you to succeed and are here to help. As CNRS majors, you must be committed to studying, typically at least two hours for every hour of class time, and to using all campus resources available to you. Following are some tips to help you stay organized and some links to campus resources.

Time Management

  • Study at least 2 hours for every hour in class
  • Plan study time into your daily/weekly schedule
  • Identify priorities and deadlines

Support Systems

  • Attend all classes
  • Participate in study groups
  • Ask questions
  • Go talk to your teachers (office hours are meant for this!)


  • Have a dedicated study area
  • Get good sleep, eat healthy, and exercise
  • Organize your study materials
  • Relate new information to information you already know
  • Be an active reader, reading to understand
  • Take organized notes
  • Write drafts of papers
  • Work problems
  • Study for exams

Additional Resources