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Mission Statement

Our general purpose follows that of our national organization: "To promote the study, criticism, research, teaching and application of the artistic, humanistic, and scientific principles of communication." (National Communication Association Strategic Plan, 1996)

Our specific purpose is to serve the university and community by advancing knowledge about human communication as well as promoting the critical analysis of communication contexts and the judicious application of communication skills.

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About the Program

The Department of Communication at Humboldt State University is a strong major developing inquisitive and eloquent student leaders. At Humboldt State, the communication program is a series of courses which emphasize the development of student skills of persuasion and reflection. Students who enroll in Communication will gain experience with interpersonal, small group, public, nonverbal, organizational and intercultural communication. Our majors also take classes generating focused critical skills to better understand culture, gender, social advocacy and theories of communication. Our students get a far-reaching set of skills and the practice to apply those skills to our world.

The Department of Communication houses a flexible communication minor and the Social Advocacy minor where students learn about social movements, develop their own organizing skills and practice changing the world. The award winning Humboldt State Debate team is housed in the department. We also have an active student Communication Club and provide communication peer tutoring for speech communication needs.

The Department of Communication courses are welcome spaces for intellectual investigation and we welcome minors and students interested in our courses to enroll and gain some communication experience. If you have questions about communication at Humboldt State please contact us.