Our program includes experiential learning opportunities, which enable you to learn more about how communication works in the real world.

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Intercollegiate Speech & Debate


What kind of debate do we do?

HSU currently participates in “British Parliamentary” or “Worlds-style” debate. Debaters compete in teams of two against 3 other pairs (2 affirmative teams, 2 negative teams) over a topic determined 25-minutes before the debate.

Is it expensive?

Time-wise, yes, financially no! Even though we travel nationally and internationally, students do not end up paying for much. HSU covers transportation, registration, lodging, and some food for every tournament.

What if I have never done debate?

No better place than here, no better time than now!

What if I’m bad at debate?

What better way to improve?

How often do we travel? How much work should I expect?

Top teams can expect to travel 5-6 times per year including to at least one national championship. Space is limited and allotted on merit, the time commitment is commensurate with what is necessary to be competitive. For some it’s 10-12 hours a week, for others it’s 80 or more, but even a small commitment can pay dividends!

I want to find out more. How do I get involved?

  • E-mail the Director of Forensics, Aaron Donaldson at aaron.donaldson@humboldt.edu or
  • Come to Aaron's office in Telonicher House, House # 54, Room #3
  • Enroll in the class (COMM. 110/310) and earn credit for participation!