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students in Networking lab

A grant from has provided a supercomputer to our labs for student use. This supercomputer will be integrated into core courses, including algorithms, architecture, operating systems, and software engineering. Students in our program will gain valuable experience programming on a powerful parallel architecture.

BSS 313 - CS Lab

The Computer Science Department maintains a departmental lab that is connected to the campus network for authentication and access to campus and Internet resources. This lab consists of 25 dual-boot workstations with the most up-to-date versions of Linux and Windows. The local server provides storage for both student and faculty data.

BSS 315 - ITL

The Internet Teaching Laboratory (ITL) was established with a grant of four Internet Backbone routers from CAIDA in 1998. The laboratory has grown to include six racks of sophisticated communications equipment, each with a router, switch, hub, and a number of local hosts. This facility is connected via an internal network to a laboratory of 25 dual-boot workstations (Linux/Windows XP). Students have root access to the Operating Systems in order to experiment with network configurations for both the local and wide area. This laboratory also supports coursework in computer and network security, and storage for the department's collection of Lego Mindstorms robots and LynxMotion programmable robotic arms. We are grateful to the University for supporting our program by providing air conditioning and extra power to this room.