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Many of our students receive course credit while working part-time in businesses, government offices, nonprofit organizations and campus computing services. Local internships are typically pursued during the school year; students usually participate in nonlocal internship or REU opportunities during the summer months. Internships in the community vary from semester to semester - we try to match students skill sets to tasks the employers wish to complete. A list of nonlocal summer internship opportunities is below. A student may take a maximum of 3 units of CS 482: Internship counting toward the major or minor in Computer Science. Both prospective employers of interns and students desiring internships for credit must file forms required by the Center for Service Learning and Academic Internships prior to the beginning of the internship. For information about internships, please contact the Computing Science Department or email Dr. Scott Burgess at

Nonlocal Internships


We have placed many students into summer experiences connected with the NSF-funded Research Experiences for Undergraduates. While these programs do not give course credit, they offer students unique opportunities to explore advanced subjects and earn some income during the summer months. Contact Dr. Sharon Tuttle at for further information.