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The Computer Science Department offers both a major and a minor in computer science. The primary goal of the major is to produce graduates capable of succeeding as computing professionals. The minor introduces students in other disciplines to key elementary concepts in computing. Though this is not always sufficient for many careers in computing, many computer science minors obtain additional training in order to launch careers in the field.


Lower Division
CS 111 Computer Science Foundations 1
CS 112 Computer Science Foundations 2
CS 211 Data Structures
CS 212 Algorithms
CS 243 Architecture
STATS 108 Elementary Statistics
MATH 105
Calculus for the Biological Sciences & Natural Resources
MATH 109 Calculus I
MATH 253 Discrete Mathematics
Upper Division
CS 325 Database Design
CS 328 Web Apps Using Databases
CS 346 Telecommunications & Networks
CS 374 Operating Systems
CS 449 Computer Security
CS 458 Software Engineering
CS 461 Computational Models
Choosing Two of the following:
CS 232 Python Programming
CS 235 Java Programming
CS 237 Bioinformatics Programming
CS 279 Introduction to Linux
CS 280 Selected Topics in Computing
CS 444 Robotics
CS 475 Geographic Information Systems
CS 480 Advanced Topics in Computing
CS 482 Internship
CS 499 Directed Study
MATH 351 Introduction to Numerical Analysis


CS 111 Computer Science Foundations 1
CS 112 Computer Science Foundations 2

Plus three additional approved Computer Science courses, at least two of which are upper division, with total units equal to at least 18 units. These courses may not include general education courses.