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Available Campus Trainings for Faculty & Staff

  • Question Persuade Refer (QPR) -- suicide prevention training
    • Trainings by request. Contact Krystal Jacob at CAPS to arrange.
  • We can arrange trainings on a variety of topics (such as an introduction to mental health issues, suicide prevention, interacting with distressed (or distressing) students, positive psychology/happiness, mindfulness, stress management, etc.). If interested in training on a particular topic, please contact CAPS to discuss your request. The more notice you give us (2+weeks), the more likely we will be to honor your request.

MHAP Resources

Mental Health Advocacy and Promotion (MHAP) Link to Faculty/Staff/Parent Resources -- find information on assisting distressed students, making counseling referrals, crisis numbers, etc.

Helping a Student that Might Be Suicidal

Also see CAPS resources at "Helping a Suicidal Friend"

Disruptive Students

As a member of the Humboldt State University campus community, you are constantly interacting with students. At times, you will have contact with students whose problems or behaviors will cause you concern, discomfort, or may interfere in the education of other students. The difficulty is that most often, these types of people or situations do not go away.

The following brochure offers advice and help when dealing with disruptive students.

Book Reccommendations:

The "RED FOLDER" -- a resource for HSU staff and faculty to help identify and refer students at risk

How to Make Referrals

When you are concerned about a student and think that it might be helpful for him/her to meet with a therapist at CAPS, it is beneficial to provide that student with an empathic, clear, and concise communication about why you think counseling would be helpful . . . Read More

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