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Welcome! The College of Professional Studies is committed to providing interdisciplinary liberal arts education and preparation for the profession so our graduates can positively contribute to the human condition, be outstanding leaders in their profession and community, and share a powerful commitment to social, economic, and environmental justice.

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    Students Enrolled
  • 500+ Paid Internships
    Paid Internships
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  • 23 degree, credential & certificate programs
    Degree, credential & certificate Programs

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500+ Paid Internships

Community Spotlight

  • Nancy Vizenor

    “The reason that I do what I do is to be here for our students…We have such an important role as educators.”

    Nancy Vizenor
    Assistant Professor
  • Sheri Johnson

    I always wanted to be teaching at HSU, contributing to HSU, and then I got to. I got to live a life that is of meaning and value.

    Sheri Johnson
    Director of Field Education


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We work with schools, communities, organizations, children and families, tribal communities, local business and industry. We work to guarantee equitable access and opportunities to enhance quality of life, and responsible, ethical application of professional knowledge. Collectively, we nurture a College culture that values immersion, hands-on, and active participation in the learning process, that extends learning beyond the walls of the classroom, and that relies on engaged scholarship and professional presence in the community as a primary tool of the education process.