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McCrone Award Faculty and Student Winners Honored for Creative Scholarship

Two Humboldt State University faculty members from the College of Professional Studies—Business Professor Tyler Stumpf, and Psychology Professor Amber Gaffney—have been selected as recipients of the 2017 McCrone Promising Faculty Scholars Award. Selected for exhibiting potential in a specific field, each faculty member will receive $1,500 to assist a program of creative activity, scholarship, or research. This year’s recipients will be formally honored at a reception where they’ll deliver short presentations of their research. In addition, graduate student Yojana Miraya Oscco has been selected as this year’s recipient of the McCrone Graduate Fellowship Award. The award is given to graduate students who have demonstrated strong potential in their field.


Tyler Stumpf

In his short time at HSU, School of Business Professor Tyler Stumpf has garnered an impressive number of research and teaching accomplishments. His work focuses on applied tourism and service business management, and utilizes sophisticated methods that have important practical and theoretical implications.

Stemming from a Peace Corps experience in the early 2000s, much of Stumpf’s research focuses on sustainable tourism in developing Pacific island nations. The findings of his studies have implications that can extend to Humboldt County and other parts of the world, and they allow him to bring international perspectives into the classroom that integrate economic, social, and environmental considerations.


Amber Gaffney 

Psychology Professor Amber Gaffney’s work in social psychology has appeared in volumes in major publications and she has presented at top conferences in her field. In a short time at HSU, she’s developed a bustling lab, which includes around 20 undergraduate and graduate research assistants. Over the last two years, her work has focused on the current climate of political uncertainty and extremism, minority influence, protest, and how candidates can focus on social identity rhetoric to gain support. Her recent work has taken her and some of her research assistants to political conventions to examine changes in political identity as a result of cultural shifts as well as political protest. Amber received her BA in Psychology from HSU and her PhD in Social Psychology from Claremont Graduate University and her international reputation continues to grow as she publishes and presents her work internationally.

The accomplishments of the McCrone Promising Faculty Scholars Award winning professors will be celebrated at a reception at 4 p.m. on Friday, April 21 in the Great Hall. They will present short presentations about their research.