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Professor Justus Ortega Receives Distinguished Faculty Award for Service in 2018-19

Since 1964, Humboldt State has honored outstanding faculty. John O. Reiss, Department of Biological Sciences, Susan E. Marshall, Department of Forestry & Wildland Resources, Nicole Jean Hill, Department of Art, and Justus D. Ortega, Department of Kinesiology & Recreation Administration, are the recipients of the 2018-19 Distinguished Faculty Awards.

Professor Justus D. Ortega, Department of Kinesiology & Recreation Administration, Outstanding Service Award recipient, seamlessly integrates his research with his courses and his service with his research. In his 12-year tenure at HSU, Ortega has incorporated professional expertise with his service to benefit students and the academic and local communities.

He has implemented a balance, mobility, and fall risk assessment and exercise program for local seniors. His students, as part of the program, are trained to conduct and evaluate these assessments to guide seniors through exercises that minimize the risk of falls. Ortega also developed programs to work with local physical therapists and physicians to conduct clinical gait analyses for people with walking-related disorders such as cerebral palsy and stroke.

Ortega directs the North Coast Concussion Program (NCCP) that provides concussion assessment and educational outreach to over 2,800 community members annually. The NCCP works with local schools to develop concussion policies and protocols with the assistance of his students. Recently the NCCP was tasked by the CSU Chancellor’s Office to develop concussion management policies, protocols, and programs across all CSU campuses. Ortega has served the institution and the community in a truly exceptional fashion over the years.