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Psychology Instructor Honored with Excellence in Teaching Award



Melinda Myers, Department of Psychology, Excellence in Teaching Award recipient, is recognized as a leading teacher in the field of psychology by faculty, students, and the broader community. Melinda is known for her rigor and accessibility that she has offered through her courses for more than 20 years. As a third generation HSU graduate, she reaches students in unique ways and is well known for her ability to convey critical thinking skills, especially among first generation and underrepresented minority students. Throughout her career, Melinda has consistently received outstanding evaluations from her students and is frequently sought out by new faculty as a mentor. Melinda is eager to collaborate on interdisciplinary projects and was a major collaborator in establishing HSU’s Critical Race, Gender & Sexuality Studies program and the Queer Studies minor. Among Melinda’s many achievements has been reducing the achievement gap for underrepresented students in Intro to Psychology, which has an enrollment of up to 200 students at a time.

Melinda—along with this year’s Outstanding Students, and the recipients of the Distinguished Alumni and Staff Recognition awards—will be honored at the annual Honors Dinner on April 21.

Melinda will also deliver special lectures as part of the Distinguished Faculty Lecture Series during the 2017-18 academic year. Please watch for announcements for those events.Melinda Mye