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Kinesiology BS: Exercise Sci./Health Promotion Option

Combines science-based classroom study with practical experience in our state-of-the-art Human Performance Laboratory. Your studies culminate in an internship with an organization in need of your specialized skills.

You will be prepared for a career in adult fitness; cardiac rehabilitation; strength and conditioning; corporate, community, and commercial health/fitness programs; and for graduate study in exercise science/exercise physiology.

To assist in your planning, please see: Five Year Course Rotation

Prerequisites To Core:

BIOL 104: General Biology
ZOOL 113: Human Physiology
ZOOL 374: Human Anatomy

Lower Division Core

HED 120: Respond to Emergencies CPRFPR
KINS 165: Foundations of Kinesiology

  • Lower Division Requirements

  • Leading/Teaching Activity Requirements (4 units) in consultation with advisor

  • HED 231 Basic Human Nutrition

  • Upper Division Requirements

  • KINS 425: Strength & Conditioning
  • KINS 450: Exercise Testing
  • KINS 455: Exercise Prescription/ Leadership
  • KINS 495/499 Dir Field Experience or Ind. Study
  • KINS 482: Internship in Kinesiology

Upper Division Core

  • KINS 379: Exercise Physiology
  • KINS 380: Structural Kinesiology
  • KINS 474: Psych of Sport and Exercise
  • KINS 483: Evaluation Techniques
  • KINS 484: Motor Development/ Learning
  • KINS 492: Senior Seminar
  • Concentration:

  • 14-15 units Designed in consultation with advisor


  • 14 - 15 units Designed in consultation with advisor