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Kinesiology BS: Pre-Physical Therapy Option

Core kinesiology courses provide a strong foundation that complements post baccalaureate study in Physical Therapy. As Kinesiology majors, students will benefit from additional course work in the science of Human Movement including: Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Psychology and Motor Learning.

To assist in your planning, please see: Five Year Course Rotation

Prerequisites To Core

BIOL 104: General Biology

ZOOL 113: Human Physiology

ZOOL 374: Human Anatomy


Lower Division Core

HED 120: Respond to Emergencies CPRFPR

KINS 165: Foundations of Kinesiology

Lower Division Requirements

BIO 105 Principles of Biology

CHEM 109: General Chemistry

CHEM 110: General Chemistry

PHYX 106: College Physics: Mech & Heat

PHYX 107: College Physics: Electromag. & Mod.

PSYC 104: Introduction to Psychology

SOC 104: Introduction to Sociology

STAT 106: Introduction to Statistics For Hlth. Sci.

Upper Division Core

KINS 379: Exercise Physiology

KINS 380: Structural Kinesiology

KINS 474: Psych of Sport and Exercise

KINS 483: Evaluation Techniques

KINS 484: Motor Development/ Learning

KINS 492: Senior Seminar

Upper Division Requirements

PSYC 438: Dynamics Abnormal Behavior

9 units Upper Division Major Electives in consultation with advisor