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Minor in Recreation Administration

The Recreation Administration minor will provide students with a strong conceptual and hands-on background in recreation that may be applied to many disciplines. Through this minor, students will gain knowledge and experience that will help them: develop leadership skills, create and run activity programs, work with diverse groups, and manage budgets, personnel, facilities, and agencies.

  • Minor Field of Study (12 units)

  • BA 340 Principles of Marketing
  • BA 370 Principles of Management
  • Select one of the following:

  • BA 110 Introduction to Business
  • ECON 423 Environmental & Natural Resources Economics
  • Select one of the following:
  • BA 378 Small Business Management
  • BA 415* Int'l Business Essentials
  • *Note: If BA 415 was taken as part of the
    Tourism Management option, it may not be counted as part of the minor field of study as well.

Minor in Recreation Administration

  • REC 200 Leisure in Society
  • REC 210 Recreation Leadership
  • REC 220 Leisure Programming
  • REC 310 Recreation for Special Groups
  • REC 320 Organization, Administration, & Facility Planning
  • REC 420 Legal and Financial Aspects of Recreation
  • Business Minor (18 Units)

    • Obtain requirements from the School of Business