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Kinesiology BS: Physical Education Teaching Option

Humboldt State University’s teaching/coaching single subject program offers a diverse curriculum that has both a theoretically and practically based with application of principles in clinical experiences. The program provides the knowledge and skills to ensure job opportunities in the physical education, health, and sport professions as well as the skills to enter the California Teacher Credential Program as a physical educator and coach.  In addition to clinical experiences the Department of Kinesiology and Recreation Administration provides state of the art laboratories and facilities to offer modern technologies that assist students in their educational success.

To assist in your planning, please see: Five Year Course Rotation

Prerequisites To Core

BIOL 104: General Biology

ZOOL 113: Human Physiology

ZOOL 374: Human Anatomy

Concepts of Teaching Requirements

KINS 311: Concepts of Teaching Aquatics

KINS 313: Concepts of Teaching Dance

KINS 315: Concepts of Teaching Dynamic Movement

KINS 317: Concepts of Teaching Fitness

KINS 319: Concepts of Teaching Individual Activities

KINS 321: Concepts of Teaching Recreation Activities

SOC 104: Concepts of Teaching Team Activities

Lower Division Core

HED 120: Respond to Emergencies CPRFPR

KINS 165: Foundations of Kinesiology

Upper Division Core

KINS 379: Exercise Physiology

KINS 380: Structural Kinesiology

KINS 474: Psych of Sport and Exercise

KINS 483: Evaluation Techniques

KINS 484: Motor Development/ Learning

KINS 492: Senior Seminar

Upper Division Requirements

KINS 276: Techniques Athletic Training

INS 378: Sport and Society

REC 320: Organization Administration Facility Planning

3 units from a menu of KINS or HED courses in consultation with advisor