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First Annual Teacher Recruitment Fare


Students from the HSU Teacher Credential program took advantage of a unique opportunity to learn about  teaching careers in our local region at the First Annual Teacher Recruitment Fare in March. A collaborative effort between HSU and the Humboldt County Office of Education, this was not your typical career fare.  It was exclusive to the students from the credential programs and the local school districts.  It gave HSU students the opportunity to meet with personnel from both Humboldt County and Trinity County School Districts and a chance to practice their job searching skills.   It also provided personnel from the local schools the chance to meet the new teacher credential candidates.  

Several districts were hoping to fill current and upcoming teacher vacancies - even a teaching position in a one-room school!  District personnel were enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet the talented students from HSU. HSU faculty and staff were on hand to provide valuable guidance on career choices and the application process from writing effective resumes to interviewing skills.

“We jumped at the chance to attend this fare,” said one district representative. “I can’t think why we have never done this before.”

Bryn Coriell, HSU Education Field Coordinator, agrees. “The best way to get through a job shortage,” he said,” is through collaboration. The Humboldt County Office of Education has been a great partner, and we hope this becomes an annual event.”