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Online Incident Reporting form for Student Conduct & Students of Concern

The Dean of Students and the Dean of Student Rights & Responsibilities are requesting that all reports of students of concern go through an online incident reporting System. This online reporting system will help administrators to be more efficient and timely in their response and they will be able to triage issues as they arise. [...]


Notice Regarding Purchasing Technology

Departments proposing to purchase new technology equipment and software should complete this form prior to any purchase. Broad consultation will insure the appropriate product is purchased and supported appropriately by the college and campus. The form should be submitted to the college’s Academic Computing Technology Committee c/o David Pearson GH 214, or email Equipment [...]


Budget Related Templates

The following templates are provide to help track various funding requests, funding sources and expenditures. If you need a mechanism for tracking expenditures against an allocation of funds, you may find one, or all of these spreadsheets helpful: Student Assistant Tracking Template; Travel Request Tracking Template; Budget Expenditure Proposal Template; and Department Budget Tracking Template. [...]


In Case of Emergency

If there is an emergency on campus, you may experience the following things: The new Emergency Public Address System will sound across campus Electronic alert high-low tones and a spoken test message White strobe lights flashing at the rooftop locations of the new speakers. Changes on the HSU homepage, and announcements on KHSU 90.5. The [...]


Catalog Information

In order to remind students that they must fulfill degree requirements outside the major, the following statement will be added just above the “Requirements for the Major” heading on the catalog page for each degree program: NOTE: For a description of degree requirements to be fulfilled in addition to those listed below for the major, [...]


Trust Fund Transfer Request

Some Trust Account expenses incurred at the departmental level may be reimbursed by the College Office Trust account pending prior approval. Fill out the Trust Fund Request Form below and submit it to the College Office for approval. A worksheet is also provided for your convenience, but does not need to be included in your [...]