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Changes in Travel Policy

Required signature for preauthorization to travel. Travel authorization requests can now be approved by the authorized administrator responsible for the budget unit that is covering the travel expense or their immediate supervisor (employees shouldn’t approve their own preauthorization). This means that preauthorization requests for in-state and out-of-state travel no longer require AVP or VP approval. Note: International Travel must still be approved by the International Center Director and then the President.

Maximum hotel rate for university business. The maximum approved hotel rate for HSU is $275 per night or the stated conference rate, whichever is higher. Any hotel rates in excess of that amount should be justified by the traveler and approved by the authorized administrator responsible for the budget. It is helpful to indicate in the justification other costs that might be incurred. For example, the traveler may be able to secure a room rate that is lower on the other side of town but now will need to rent a car to travel from the hotel to the place of business. Thus, the net cost ends up higher than the higher room rate.