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Hazardous Materials Regulatory Compliance

Recent legislation in California, AB-2774, has significantly changed the way CalOSHA will be enforcing its regulations and assessing penalties for Hazardous Materials compliance violations.  The bill substantially increases CalOSHA’s authority to designate violations as “serious”, by allowing the use of inspections from other enforcement agencies as evidence of repeat, willful violations, therefore, increasing the likelihood of repeat findings.  Penalties can include $25,000 per serious violation and $2,500 per day per waste container identified with a non-compliant label.

CSU Chancellor’s executive order 1039 directs all CSU campuses to comply with CalOSHA’s Injury and Illness Prevention (IIP) standard, which includes communication of hazards to employees.  In support of this order, HSU President’s Executive Order P04-01 states in part:  It is the responsibility of all deans and department chairpersons and managers to ensure that their respective IIP Plans are implemented in a timely manner following the initial orientation by EH&S.

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