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HSU Emergency Communication System Test

A Message from Provost Snyder:

On Thursday, October 11th at 11:45 am, the campus will test its emergency communication system.

~NO Evacuations Necessary~

-  The Emergency Public Address System will sound across campus between 11:45 to 11:50 for one cycle only of five minutes.
-  The campus community may hear electronic alert high-low tones, a spoken test message, and a steady “all clear” tone.
-  There will be white strobe lights flashing at the rooftop locations of the speakers.
-  Temporary “Test Today” signage will be placed in prominent locations around the campus.
-  There will be changes on the HSU homepage, and announcements on KHSU 90.5.
-  Cellular text test messages will be sent to registered cell phones.

The best places to turn for additional information during an emergency alert are:

-  www.
-  826-INFO (4636)
- KHSU 90.5 FM

Please try to access these sources of information during the October 11th test so that the campus administration can evaluate the system’s capacity and make improvements as appropriate. If you have any trouble accessing these resources, please email and describe the problem you encountered.

Also I ask faculty teaching during this drill to use it as a teaching opportunity to review with students our campus evacuation procedures. These may be accessed at:

Additional emergency procedures on campus can be accessed here:

Emergency Prep Newsletter

Finally I strongly encourage you to register your cell phone number through the Account Center that can be accessed off the Quick Links section of the HSU homepage, and ask that you urge your students to do likewise. Call the HELP desk at extension 4357 if you need assistance with this important registration procedure.

Thank you for your help in our efforts to protect the lives and property of every person who is on our campus. We endeavor to be prepared at all times to circumstances and situations that might impede the orderly conduct of our work.  We can only do that with your help.

Bob Snyder