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Spring Preview: Go To Class sign up request

Go to class is one of the most popular activities at Spring Preview. This is where tickets are provided to students so they can sit-in on a class in their chosen major. There are many positive comments, like this one from our 2012 survey: “My favorite thing was the class visits, because I got to feel what an actual class environment was like and how people reacted within themselves and with the professors. (I also got to see some of what they were learning!)”

Although students are encouraged to choose a class even if their major is not represented, students are typically disappointed to learn that their major may not be offering classes. The goal is to offer students a seat in a class from every department¬†on Friday. The goal this semester to get information early enough to be able to work with colleges to offer class alternatives to those majors who don’t have classes on Friday.

Faculty, please take two minutes to sign-up your class using this online form (must be logged into HSU gmail), no later than Monday, February 28. The online form is used so that all of the information is collected in one spreadsheet and can be shared between offices.

Please send the HOP office an email with any questions or comments about Go To Class. Thank you for your continued support in showcasing our academics at Spring Preview!