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Mari Sanchez

Mari Sanchez
New Faculty
Assistant Professor

BSS 426

Previous Position & Location: Lecturer, CSU Fresno; Post-doctoral fellow, New Zealand Institute of Language, Brain, and Behaviour at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, NZ.

Family: I come from a small family. My grandparents emigrated from Mexico to the US and raised their family in the Central Valley of California. My aunt and grandmother raised my brother and me. My aunt and brother continue to reside in our home town of Clovis, which is near Fresno, CA.

Favorite Food: I prefer savory to sweet, though I can’t say that I have one favorite food, as I like lots of different foods; sometimes I want Italian, sometimes Mexican, other times Chinese, Indian, Greek, barbeque, or pies. I like them all!

Favorite Place To Be: I like to travel and experience new things. I would like to travel to Spain one day. However, I am not sure I can say I have a favorite place. I suppose the best place to be is happy with my friends and family, but this can be anywhere. It is all in your state of mind!

Past Year Non-academic Accomplishment: This winter we drove across country, from Fresno, CA to Springfield, MO to spend the holidays with my husband’s family. His family loves to play Pinochle and was kind enough to teach me. As it turns out, I liked it and was actually pretty good at it! Also, I had always wanted to see the Grand Canyon, and was fortunate enough to do this during our trip.

Favorite Activities/Hobbies: I love music. I like many different genres of music, from dance to blues to industrial. My favorite music groups are the Clash and the Cure. Although I never had a chance to see the Clash perform, I did see Mick Jones and Paul Simonian play with Gorillaz in Coachella. I have seen the Cure twice.I also love art. I am lucky to have visited the MET, MOMA, and the Guggenheim in NYC as well as the Louvre in Paris (to name a few art museums). I also had the fortune of visiting my favorite artist’s (Cezanne’s) home town and old home/studio in Aix en Provence.I also like to play board games (some of them known as Eurogames or German style games) and my husband and I now have quite the collection.

Favorite Memory From Childhood: My fondest memories from childhood would be when my brother would play the guitar, usually some Beatles songs, while I would sing and dance.

Ideal Way to Spend a Weekend: Sometimes I like to lounge around and play board games or video games all day with my husband. Other times I like to go out and try something new, go on a hike, visit a new town or shop, try new foods, go out to a play or concert, have friends over, dance, sing, anything that leaves you feeling good inside.

Favorite TV Show: I’m not currently watching anything, but I do generally enjoy comedy shows, like The Daily Show. I also like to watch New Zealand Rugby.

Favorite Books: I recently read and enjoyed Issac Asimov’s Foundation series and his Robot series. I also enjoy the works of Salinger and Orwell.

Looking Forward To in Humboldt County: I love being near the water and the forests. The scenery alone is reason enough to want to be here. I look forward to exploring the beauty of nature and developing friendships here.