Brian Gross, Ph.D., Temporary Faculty in Economics

Background and Research Interests: Brian received his Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 2010. His current research focuses on the economic tradeoffs of ecosystem service provision – in particular, insect pollination. He is also interested in studying the economics of honey bees and is the project director for the Bee Informed Partnership (, a U.S. based extension project that is building a national database to track and study honey bee product/service markets, bee diseases and productivity. His recent forthcoming article in Ecological Economics provides a framework for valuing the service of pollination to agriculture from both honey bees and wild pollinators. This year, Brian will teach the Econ 423 (Environmental and Natural Resources Economics), Econ 450 (Energy and Climate Change), Econ 309 (Economics of Sustainable Society), and Econ 210 (Principles of Economics).

Most recent residence: Vancouver, British Columbia, where Brian completed a post-doctoral in Food and Resource Economics at University of British Columbia.

Where from: San Francisco Bay Area

Hobbies/Interests: Outside the office, Brian enjoys home brewing, running, camping, climbing, etc.

Brian is especially looking forward to teaching. He is very interested in learning and improving his teaching skills in a supportive, collegial environment. He is also looking forward to living in Humboldt, getting to know the community, and enjoying the wilderness.