Heather Bernikoff & David Raboy, Alumni & Owners of CarStations.com

Both Heather and David are graduates from Humboldt State University where David played football. Heather also holds a Masters of Science degree from the University of Wyoming. David has worked for 16 years in the software industry in multiple roles including software development and management. Heather has worked as a health educator and program officer with charitable foundations. She has helped nonprofit organizations build their operational capacity through this work and through her consulting partnership. Their first venture in recycling vegetable oil from the waste stream to produce biodiesel was profitable. They sold their first company to focus on their passion – electric vehicles and public charging.

Both believe in strong corporate responsibility. To that end, CarStations workers strive to perform work in an environmentally responsible and humane way, with attention to volunteerism and charitable participation in the community and beyond. In addition to their electric truck, Heather and David are delighted drivers of a 2011 Nissan Leaf electric car which is powered by a solar array that offsets the energy use for their home as well as driving.

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