Dr. Young Sub Kwon

The College of Professional Studies is very pleased to welcome Dr. Kwon as a new faculty member of the Kinesiology and Recreation Administration Department at Humboldt State University. An international presenter in the area of temperature and high-intensity exercise physiology, he has published original research in journals including Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise and Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research.

Dr. Kwon published a nonfiction book entitled A Wonderful Young Man, John Baker's The Last Race in Korea. This story is about John Baker, a UNM alumnus, physical education teacher, and Olympic class one-miler. When he learned he was dying of cancer, he chose to dedicate himself to his young students and his citywide girls track team. By focusing his last energies on the hearts and spirits of the students and athletes, he left a lasting legacy in the lives of those he touched. He surely experienced the inner rewards that accompany a life of meaning. This true story affected Dr. Kwon's teaching philosophy; therefore, Dr. Kwon encourages his students and trainees all the time by saying "Trust yourself and do your best!"