A Few Words From Professor, Michelle Lane, Ph.D.

I am excited about working with the sustainability initiatives at Humboldt. I also love to work with the local humane society and I am actively involved with their various activities plus I love to foster puppies until they go to join their new owners.

I have my PhD from the University of South Carolina and teach in the areas of management, strategy, entrepreneurship and operations management. I have several areas of research going right now. My primary area of interest is the performance measurement for social entrepreneurs. Social entrepreneurs face a daunting task as the measure of their success is not profit but rather the impact to society and even cultural change. My second research area is the examination of social media and its effective use for entrepreneurs. Social media provides so many opportunities to increase communication for both marketing and management and this is a very important area for empirical examination. A third area is institutional strategy and the examination of emerging markets where I have two papers published and a third under review. I have also published a pedagogy paper on the formation of student teams and have several papers in the operations management area.

I love doing research and I feel that it enhances the knowledge that we share with our students in the classroom. I always look forward to meeting my students and to our joint collaboration for learning and research.